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Construction Equipment Rental

United is the leading provider of construction equipment rentals including trash chutes, temporary stairs, traffic barriers, temporary fences and a lot more. We can help you with all your project needs. Our team has over 50 years experience in outfitting your construction site with safe equipment and respectful service. We offer high quality products that meet or exceed industry standards at competitive prices. We also offer free consultations so you know exactly what it will cost before anything gets started. And if you need any additional information about our capabilities or want to discuss how we can best serve your business, just give us a call today 718-786-3338!



Jobsites generate construction debris during new construction and renovation work.  United Hoisting offers Superchutes, a temporary steel or plastic system that will allow for safe, easy and cost-effective trash removal. 


Our garbage chute systems allows access at every floor and roof levels and deposits the trash into a dumpster at the bottom. 

Trash Chute Rental NYC NJ CT
Temprorary Stair Rental NYC NJ CT


The construction industry is a tough, fast-paced environment where time and money matter. That’s why many project managers choose United's temporary stairs during their work for quick set up with superior connection technology that saves you from having to hire extra hands or spend more on site equipment like ladders etc., while also providing lightweight designs which means faster build times and dismantling's!



We have the perfect solution for your event, highway or road construction project! Our concrete barriers are utilized to separate lanes of traffic and assist with crowd control. Whether you are looking to block traffic of improve the flow united has the experience to make it all go smoothly. We also offer heavy duty low density polyethylene water barriers.

Concrete Barrier Rental NYC NJ CT
Sound Barrier Rental NYC NJ CT


When you need a sound barrier blanket to control noise at your construction site, United has plenty of solutions. The company offers standard sized blankets that cover many temporary fence heights and come in ½ lb per square foot material with both sides being quilted for maximum comfort as well as an exterior grade facing which will reduce dirt accumulation when walking on it or driving past. These Quilted Sound Barrier Blankets installed around your job-site will show the neighbors you have provided them with the best noise control available to be in-place for the duration of your project.

Custom Jobsite Platforms NYC NJ CT
Image by Sven Mieke


When traditional scaffolding or swing staging does not work for your construction site project we can help. Our engineers have the experience to design  and build a custom platform that makes everything a little easier.  We all know all jobsites are created different and our "out of the box' scaffolding does not solve every need, we are fully equipped to build custom fabrications to accommodate any unique jobsite needs.

Mast Climber Rental NYC NJ CT


Providing mast climbing equipment is a big part of what we do. As an independent company, you can count on us to get the right machine for your application - from light duty units perfect only if there’s just one or two workers in need at any given time up through heavy-duty machines capable enough handle multiples people simultaneously while still remaining portable enough to be moved around easily between jobsites! Our rental fleet has something available no matter how large (or small) one's requirements are. 

Temporary Fence Rental NYC NJ CT Construction
Temporary Fence Rental NYC NJ CT


Job site safety is important for construction companies, and the US Department of Labor has been cracking down on unsafe sites. Rent our temporary fencing to protect your project from unwanted visitors or people with bad intentions; it’s also required by OSHA (and DOL) as a means of protection! On most jobsites nowadays - especially those that deal in sensitive materials such as fuel tanks-you must use some sort of metal bars at either end so they cannot get through these areas without being stopped first. If you are looking for an experienced Temporary Fencing Services give us a call today!

Our professional staff is available now to help you plan your project from start to finish. To request pricing, please call us at 718-786-3338 or fill out our quote request form.

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